Web Design, Development and SEO Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Web Design Questions

This page should cover any questions you might still have. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: How many pages will I need within my business website?

That varies greatly depending on the size of your business. A basic rule of thumb for a professional website is that you at least have a home page, a contact form/page, and a services/products page. Other popular pages: FAQ's, map/directions, features, links, feedback, and mission statement.

Q: How do I notify you if my site needs an update?

The best way is to notify Alt Media Studios in written form, usually via e-mail. Please specify which page you'd like updated, what part of the page you want updated, and when you'd like the update to be complete. Upon receiving notification, we will immediately begin working on the update.

Q: What kind of updates will I need?

If you own a business that has weekly, or even daily, specials, those should be listed and kept up-to-date. Also, if there are pictures on your website, our custom web design will enable you to keep the images current. Feel free to update often; just let us know every time you need an update.

Q: What is the benefit of updating?

Updating keeps your site fresh, and surfers will land at your page more frequently if you update it often.

Q: I don't have a scanner, but I have pictures for my site. How can I get them posted?

Simply send your pictures in an envelope to our Cleveland office. We will gladly scan your pictures for display on your website. Note: Do not fold pictures or any documents you are sending us. We need the pictures to be in optimal condition; any imperfections could be visible on your website.

Q: How will my site become known to Internet users?

After your business website is complete, Alt Media Studios gives the option of promoting your site for an additional $30. Listings on search engines don't guarantee more traffic, but doing this is strongly suggested. In addition, we can provide Digital Marketing services that aim to put your page high in the search engine rankings for targeted phrases. 

Q: What do you need from me to get this site up?

The content of your site is up to you-leave the affordable, professional web design to us! Ideally, you can pass along your company logo, phone numbers, services & products you provide, and basic "getting to know you" information about your company. Also, we need a list of keywords outlining what terms you want associated with your business in search results. This list will be compiled entirely by you-you're the expert on your business.

Q: How often do I get billed?

You choose how often you get billed: monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Q: Are there any other fees I should be aware of?

When Alt Media Studios first begins your website design, we purchase your domain name for one year and it is in our name. After that period is up, we change ownership to you. So after a year of service with us, you will have to pay $11.40/year for your domain name. We'll give you advance notice of your one-year anniversary.

Q: Is the look of my site going to change?

As technologies and your business evolve, the look of your website may change to reflect that progress. We will ALWAYS let you know before doing any changes.
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